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Industrial Metal

Industrial Metal Music - Metal meets the cold harshness of machinery! Pioneered by bands like Killing Joke, Ministry and Godflesh the genre of industrial metal has influenced many other famous acts like KMFDM, Fear Factory, White Zombie, Rammstein, Mnemic and Nine Inch Nails among others.

This industrial influence has even reached the cold climes of Norway where bands like Red Harvest, Black Hole Generator and the mighty Mysticum have taken industrial metal to intense extremes. Not to be missed if you're looking for a harsh edge to your music.

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1$CD ~MARILYN MANSON ~Antichrist Superstar ~INDUSTRIAL METAL ~VGd+ ~ 1$CD ~MARILYN MANSON ~Antichrist Superstar ~INDUSTRIAL METAL ~VGd+ ~"Tourniquef" 1 Bid US $1.00 7h 34m